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1. To unite, expand and strengthen national and local WLHA networks so that they can effectively advocate for infected and affected women and their children.
2.To increase meaningful participation of WLHAs in public policy, planning and program implementation.
3. To reduce HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination and the vulnerability of women and children to HIV and AIDS, and mitigate the impact of the HIV infection on women and their children.
4. To prevent the spread of HIV infection through information dissemination and awareness raising activities.
5.To reduce gender discrimination and violence against women.
6.To collect data about infected women and disseminate reports that contain situation analyses to the media, policy-makers, government bodies and research institutes.
7. To promote access to timely and comprehensive treatment, care, and support for infected women and their children.
8. To stabilize and increase funding for NFWLHA and the network of WLHAs in order to pursue our common objectives.
9.To facilitate collaboration and cooperation among civil society organizations in Nepal with similar goals and objectives and coordinate that work with government.
10. To partner with regional and other international organizations to address issues faced by women and their children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in Nepal.